UK Chaps

There has been many UK gangsters over the years. Some very famous that ended up as household names. Some, not so famous, but just as organised. In the coming weeks we will map out some of the lives of these people.


Freddie Foreman

The Krays

Dave Courtney

The Yardies

Mad Frankie Fraser

Lenny McLean The Guv'nor

Gangs of Glasgow

Darby Sabini 1920s Gangleader of Italian origin, whose gang waged war with the Birmingham Boys.

Jack Spot (Jack Comer) Early 1900s Gambling boss and black marketeer.

William (Billy) Hill 1940s-1950s Rival gang leader of Jack Spot. Fled to Australia where he hired thugs to try to have Spot murdered..

Albert Dimes 1940s-1950s Billy Hills Chief enforcer

George Cornell 1960s Member of the Richardson Gang. Murdered by Ronald Kray in 1965.

Charlie Richardson 1960s Joint gang leader. Kray Twins biggest rivals in the 60s. There turf was classed as south London area. By 1965 his gang was put out of business by the London police.

Eddie Richardson 1960s Brother and counterpart of above

Jack 'The Hat' McVite 1960s Came to fame as the man Reggie Kray killed.